This is how playing outdoor helps children in their mental development


children playing
children playing

Nowadays, Children don’t have time for playing outdoors. School hours, activity classes, study, projects, exams keep them fully occupied. And if they get time, they prefer watching television, tabs, laptops instead of playing outside. But we can’t ignore the fact that outdoor playing is very important for young children. It helps with better physical and mental development. It’s really interesting to know that playing helps children in their mental development as well.

Not only they have physical exercise but also children learn many things by playing out.  Many parents feel that playing is wasting time, but that’s not really true. As playing helps children to learn many things which can’t be taught in any classroom. So instead of stopping them, encourage them to play more. Every time formal outdoor sports play is not possible because of constraints like time, place. In that case, you can encourage children to play games, like running, catching, jumping, hide and seek. Basically, encourage your children for more outdoor play as and when possible and refrain them from watching screens. Limit their screen time and utilize it for playing. The best way is to play with your children often to set an example. As it’s extremely important for their happy and healthy childhood. Following are some benefits of playing outdoors.

This is how playing outdoor helps children in their mental development.

#1. Teamplayer

Playing with friends and playing in teams help in a child’s emotional development. They learn about helping, caring, sharing with others. They learn to give equal importance to winning and losing the game. Children will learn to deal with real life failure like exams, competitions, tournaments. Actually, it’s important to take winning and losing equally, which can be achieved by playing with teams. So playing will make your child a good team player.

#2. Social skills

Outdoor playing with friends enhances their social interactions and they learn to value for the community. Children learn to socialize and interact with other children when they mingle with each other. Now people live in nuclear families and that’s why social skills are really important. And if they are playing with parents then it will help to strengthen their bond with parents. One more interesting thing about playing with parents is, children feel safe and secure while playing with parents and It increases their self-esteem.

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#3. Learn while having fun

Young children have very good grasping power and they learn many things by experiencing while playing like fundamental information about the environment, world. When they play outdoors they as they learn about climate, seasons, planets, sand, stones, trees, soil, the environment in a very effective manner. Outdoor play enhances a child’s vocabulary skills, science skills, constructing skills, gardening skills, trekking, farming skills. They will know about materials, animals and what’s not.

# 4. Keeps stress away

Play protects children’s emotional development whereas a hurried lifestyle can contribute to mental problems. Nowadays children may face mental problems like anxiety, fear, insecurity, envy, depression. To fight these problems playing outdoor can help as physical activity helps to release stress. Playing helps to elevate mood and it gives a sense of achievement.

#5.Critical thinking

their critical thinking skills improve in many ways, when they play. Let your kids play as much as they want, It is scientifically proven that, exposure to environment-based education significantly increases student performance in  their tests. So when your child asks for the playing outdoor, send him/her happily or join also.




  1. It’s very important to play outdoors for children (and, even for grown ups). Nowadays, children have replaced gadgets with actual playing, which is very bad for health both physical and mental.

  2. Can relate with the points very deeply coz we have spent our childhood days playing lots of outdoor games.
    Very logical write up.

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