Tips for how to be happy mommy always

Happy mommy

Being parent is bliss as you are the world for someone little. Parenthood brings many new things in life and thus new responsibilities also. If you are working mom then office work, household work, taking care of children, taking their studies and the list is never ending.If you are staying at home mum then taking care of all household responsibilities, studies of kids and family…It  makes mommy tired, anxious, and stressed always.Its obvious as handling multiple things at the same time is definitely strenuous.But not impossible as there are many ways to do things and yet not get stressed also. Happy mommy leads happy family and always try to maintain that sweet smile on your face as that’s the most important thing for your child.En listing few of the things which will definitely help you to feel more happy more better when you are stressed next time.


Anything which makes you feel relax on your tired day is the good option. Try to do meditation and deep breathing for at least 10-15 minutes every day and it will make a great difference. If you like listening music, reading books can also be part of this relaxing time. Most important is try to forget everything which is making you stressed and start the moment with cool, calm and relaxed attitude.

2.Don’t be harsh on yourself

Don’t get surprised by this heading but its reality many moms may have this phase at least once a while. If you see a mom who is just perfect 10/10 in everything like cooking infinite dishes, packing 5 tier lunch boxes for kids, organizing lavish birthday parties, decorating house better than 6-star hotels. It’s obvious to feel jealous, inferior but doesn’t make that mistake of comparison with anytime and feel inferior. As everyone is perfect at their own place and should not be compared.

3.Don’t feel guilty

There are times when kids don’t complete homework, make house and clothes dirty ,h ouse help doesn’t turn up for weeks without informing and thus you are on fire.  You shouting UN necessarily on kids and husband. And then at very next moment you are feeling extremely guilty of doing so.And then you keep on cursing yourself for complete day. Stop feeling guilty and instead try to fix the situations which are making you angry and frustrate.

4.Indulge on your favorite dishes

When that weighing scale is scaring you in your dreams even how to eat? But relax and relishing on your favourite food, desserts and yeah chocolates once a while is really good to lift your mood. Now study also shows endorphins are secreted after eating that favourite chocolate piece. So when you are feeling down next time have a piece of chocolate or delectable mithai and be happy.


Having small kids around its difficult to get sound 8 hours sleep which may take toll on your health. Increased stress levels are directly linked with lack of sleep. To avoid it try to complete your sleep by having short naps in day time. By taking naps you will feel energetic and fresh to start work again.

6.Enjoy your favourite show

Entertainment is important  part of life and it  helps to keep you going .Watching Television  and entertaining  shows makes you happy. When  you feel sad, anxious next time just switch on your screen and watch your favourite or any comedy light show and see how it helps to lift your mood.

7.Take help from others

When and where possible try to take help from others. And doing alone everything may make your more stressed, tired. If you can get things like cleaning ,cooking done by helper it will decrease work load on you and give some time to concentrate on many important things.


Partying ,meeting friends and family will  make you elite. Meeting with fellow mums and understanding their parenting styles and life hacks will be of great help. Include your little bundles of joy also and don’t skip any such occasion to meet and mingle with friends.


Now being mommy of two ever active, ever hungry and ever fighting kids around I know the fact, finding time for exercising is really toughest thing to do for mommy. But believe it won’t take much of your time if once you decide starting exercising. And once you set a routine for doing   it, you will find free time window for exercising too. Any physical activity like walking, swimming , gyming ,yoga ,little  stretching  while watching tv ,teaching children  will also do  purpose to keep you fit ,and that extra endorphins supply will make your feel happy and energetic too.

Have a happy motherhood and let us know your ideas of being happy.









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