Tips to keep your baby’s skin soft

baby's skin soft

New born baby’s skin is very fragile and sensitive.Sometimes baby’s skin may peel off , get reddish in color and prone to allergies if it’s sensitive. Initial days are very important for new born and some precautions in these days help her in complete development and growth .There are many questions in new mommy’s mind about what to do and what to avoid for baby. As baby’s skin needs extra care ,talk to your doctor and fellow mommies for getting all possible information.

Please check some effective tips to treat your child’s diaper rashes here.

Here are few useful tips collected from many mommies for protecting and keeping your baby’s skin soft.


Massaging with Natural oil/ almond oil or any other baby oil helps to keep baby’s skin soft. Massaging baby regularly for few minutes help for improved blood circulation as well. Massage your baby in the morning before bathing and second time in the evening. It will help baby to sleep faster.


Bath baby with lukewarm water and use mild baby soap,shampoo. Using besan pack (Bengal gram powder + milk +pinch of turmeric powder)  helps to keep her skin soft. It also helps to remove excess hair on new born baby’s skin. Apply this pack and wash out before applying soap while bathing baby. After bathing baby just pat dry her skin  with soft cotton towel  instead of rubbing. Bathing this way will not only help to keep baby clean but also to protect her soft ski.

#3.Baby cream:

Using mild baby cream / moisturiser helps to keep her skin soft and moisturised. It protects skin from cracks ,peeling off. Always talk with your doctor for selecting most suitable cream for you baby.


Always use soft and clean cotton clothes for kids. Also make sure to select  bed sheets , blankets , towels ,wash clothes made up of soft cotton clothes. Babies have delicate skin and cotton clothes are good to keep it soft. For washing  baby clothes  use mild detergent specially made for babies and wash them separately . Normal detergents have harsh chemicals in them which may be harmful for baby’s delicate skin.

#5.Diapers :

Diapers play important role in keeping baby’s  skin soft. Diaper can cause rashes and irritation in baby’s skin. To avoid it make sure to change diaper often and wash your hands after every diaper change. Apply baby cream on baby’s skin before wearing diapers. Always check  for perfect size and good quality of diapers for your baby. Cotton cloth diapers are better than ready made diapers  ,so as and when possible use them.

#6.Cleaning of house:

Cleaning of house and baby’s room is vert important. As cleaning of room keeps germs and dust away from baby. Clean baby’s room often and when baby is not in the room. Keep it free of essence sticks , deodorant ,perfumes ,dirt ,dust ,old clothes away from baby to avoid any kind of skin irritations, allergies.These things can cause irritation or allergies in baby’s skin.







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