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Keeping your smile healthy and white sounds easy but with the amount of substances our teeth come into contact with daily, it’s hard to keep up the shine. This article will look into some daily habits you can adopt to ensure you keep your smile as healthy as possible. Doing so will cancel out future dental work and ensure you have the best smile going forward. You might be making some common mistakes that could be fast-tracking you to cavities and much worse.

First and foremost, you want to make sure you are going to a great Alexandria dentist or a reliable dentist in your local area for that matter. Doing so will give your teeth the best care as you experience quality dental treatment and advice.

This article will give you some great ideas of what you can do now however so you can start making steps towards healthier teeth today.


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There aren’t any top secrets we are going to be revealing. Instead, we are going to reveal some of the best knowledge and tips in regards to routines, habits and products you should be using for optimal dental care.

  • Never skip a brush

This is even more important at the end of the day before bedtime. You should never go to bed without brushing your teeth. This is because the number of germs builds up during the day and can build up plaque which contributes to unhealthy teeth.

  • Floss daily

Flossing every day strengthens gums which are fundamental to strong, healthy teeth. They also get to those hard to reach areas to pick up debris that would be missed on a normal brush. This reduces the chances of plaque building up and increases your oral health.

  • Adopt a good technique

Brushing properly is overlooked and often we get into bad habits over the years and get lazy. The minimum amount of time you should be brushing for is 2 minutes and the movements you make should be in gentle circular motions. This helps combat plaque and prevents build-up to keep gums healthy too.

  • Always remember your tongue

Your tongue is also home to a lot of issues with oral health and a big build-up of bacteria. Much of bad breath originates from the tongue so giving it a gentle brush can help with several things.

  • Don’t ditch the fluoride

If you are on a bit of a natural-kick, ditching fluoride isn’t recommended by the professionals. This is because it has powerful whitening abilities and can really help guard against those awful cavities.

  • Invest in a good mouthwash

Getting a quality mouthwash can help lower the acid in the mouth. It also adds minerals to the teeth that get lost by certain foods we eat. Moreover, building up the strength and construction of the teeth.

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Putting these tips into practice will help you to go the extra mile when keeping your smile healthy and bright.

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