Effective tips for treating diaper rashes

diaper rash
diaper rash

Diaper rashes are a common problem in young babies. Its caused mainly by prolonged use and infrequent change of diapers. It is a type of irritant dermatitis or inflammation of the skin. Factors that can contribute to rash development include hot and humid weather, skin allergies, poor laundering of diapers, new materials in diapers that irritate sensitive skin. It’s very painful, itchy for babies to suffer from this rashes. Sometimes rashes may cause fever as well. If your baby cries continuously and has a fever along with rashes then it’s better to contact the doctor.

If your baby has the problem of diaper rashes, then don’t worry, as it’s treatable. You can use some home remedies for treating diaper rashes. Using smooth and soft cotton pants or cotton cloth as a diaper instead of ready-made diapers is a good solution to this problem. The soft cotton cloth is gentle on baby’s delicate skin. But there are certain situations when we can’t avoid using diapers for the baby. Especially when you are travelling, you can’t avoid diapers. Both my babies had diaper rashes and I used home remedies to treat it. I found olive oil, very effective for my babies whenever they faced rashes. Home remedies help for healing diaper rashes faster. These home remedies are very effective and used by many fellow mummies for treating rashes.

Home remedies for treating diaper rashes:

  1. Apply olive oil using a cotton ball on affected area and rashes 3-4 times in a day. Olive oil is effective on diaper rashes and heals it faster.
  2. Dip cotton ball in coconut oil and apply gently on affected area 3-4 times a day. Coconut oil is known for its healing properties and helps like a miracle to cure diaper rashes as well.
  3. Apply gentle baby cream /moisturizer thin layer on the affected area. Use soft cotton pants after applying cream instead of a diaper. Cotton pants allow air to pass through and which is important for healing rashes.
  4. Sometimes more than applying any ointment to let the rash heal naturally. As air keeps the area dry and heal faster.
  5. Don’t rub the affected while cleaning as it may be painful for baby; Instead, pat the area for cleaning. Instead of using wipes for cleaning baby’s bottom use a soft cotton wash cloth.
  6. Many paediatrician recommend applying a thin layer of non-prescription diaper-rash cream or ointment containing zinc oxide, such as A and D or Desitin.
  7. Use a baby moisturizer daily on baby’s skin and it forms a barrier that can help protect the diaper area from the irritating effects of urine and faces.
  8. Avoid use of diapers when baby has diaper rashes as it may worsen the problem.If unavoidable use cotton cloth diapers which are effective in soaking urine and also won’t harm irritated skin.
  9. Avoid using wet wipes to clean baby,as it may irritate the skin.Instead use cotton cloth for cleaning purpose.





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