Useful tips for preparing your child for child care

Child care
Child care

How to join work after having child? Where to keep child while going to office? Are the tough questions for working women. But there are solutions to this problem.Child  care is the best option to keep children while going to work. As child care centres have trained teachers and care takers, so your child will be in safe hands. Also  child care centres follow safety and security measures. When children socialise with other same aged children they learn things faster and become independent.So keeping your child in child care has many advantages.

Children may cry and refuse to go to child care initially. Separation from parents can lead to anxiety. But soon they get adapt and enjoy their new home. If your child cries and scared to go to child care, always talk with him/her. Try to find out the reason and find solution for it. It’s difficult to drop the child so mommy has to be strong and patient .Give the sweet time to child, as every child is different and take different time to get settled in the day care.  Following  are some helpful ways  by some experienced mommies while starting child care for your child.

Here are some tips to smoother transition from home to child care.

1. Enquire

Before selecting child care for your child verify all details about the place. Meet personally to parents of children and know their opinions. Parent’s reviews are important as they are experienced and know more about the place. Talk with teachers/care takers at the child care to know more about the services offered. Clearly specify all your requirements to child care before enrolling.

2.Start with half-day

Explain your child about the child care before sending him/her. Initially start  dropping the child at child care ,only for few hours. This will introduce him/her  with the  place, teachers and other children. Preparing him/her in this way is important. Many child care centres have half day facility and you can start with it for initial period.

3. Accompany child

Initially children may get anxious because of immediate detachment from parents. So avoid leaving child in child care in initial days. Stay back with a child for few hours at the centre. Play and enjoy with the child and other children. While leaving from the place assure your child that you will be coming back soon after work.


Give a favourite toy of your child in the bag. Children are emotionally attached with their toys and  things. Having favourite toy with them at the child care  will give a home like feeling. If day care allows call your child and talk once in a day.

5.Pack favourite food

Pack  a home cooked and favourite food of your child in lunch box. Children may or may not like the taste of child care food. So  it will be helpful if they get their favourite home cooked food.

6.Pack all necessary things

Get your child’s bag ready at night only. For giving maximum comfort give child make sure to pack all necessary things of child. If child is going to take afternoon nap give her things like pillow, blankets, and bedsheets. Label all things for avoiding any inconvenience. For babies pack sterilized bottles, pacifiers, extra clothes, formula milk powders, necessary clothes.

How much time a child will take to adapt at child care depends on the child. Few children get adapt easily while others take some long time. Have a happy and smooth transition from home to child care.




  1. helpful informative post sharing

  2. Good tips. It also helps to set child into the daycare facility’s routine a couple of weeks in advance so it makes the transition easier.

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