Valentine day gift ideas – Best gifts for him

While exploring my wardrobe the thought flashed in my mind, almost 70% of things in my wardrobe are gifted by him, the accessories, fragrances, dresses and what’s not. The thought flashed in my mind, Does his wardrobe also reciprocates this fact. With a hidden fear I opened his wardrobe (though I open it every day to arrange his clothes.) While checking his wardrobe I found that my way of gifting him had changed in the last 11 years. Initially, I gifted him greeting cards, personalized gifts, photo frames. Slowly with time, I gifted him his favorite brand clothes. Now I spend more time to explore fragrance sections in the mall. With time his choices also changed and so does mine. But I made sure to gift him on every Valentine day because the happiness and surprise in his eyes while opening the gift are priceless.

So here it is February and the most romantic time of the year. Does it because it’s valentine day? Do we need to celebrate any day for expressing love? Actually, when you are in love, every single day is Valentine’s day and no need to mark any single day. In our busy lifestyles, we forget to express and celebrate our love and the special day like v-day gives us a chance to celebrate and express our feeling. If you are lloking for gift ideas for him on this valentine day then chekc out out some cool gift ideas for your husband.

Sports accessories:

Guys generally love to own sports accessories and if he plays any of the sport then gift relevant sports accessories(Like rackets, bats, balls). If he is a regular gym goer then you can choose from gym accessories as well. You can order many sports essentials through online websites.

Wardrobe essentials

This is something any guy would like to get as a gift. You can choose and buy from a wide range of options. Generally, guys hate shopping and if they get their wardrobe essentials as a gift, it would be cherry on the cake. What do you want to gift him, plan in advance and select from formals, casuals, jeans, jackets, wallets, cuff links, handkerchief sets, belts, tie, perfumes etc? Buy these things prior to the exact day and also check the proper size before buying clothes as different brands have different sizes.

Plan a surprise outing:

Plan a surprise outing to his favorite place on this V-day. Everyone likes to get such a pleasant surprise and it would be a special feeling to go on an outing for celebrations.

Personalized gifts:

To make your Valentine celebration memorable this year, chose personalized gifts for him. There are many personalized gifts options available in the market. Select from the keychain, mugs, photo frames, t-shirts, fitness outfits Pillow-covers, wallets etc.

Dinner date

Going on a dinner date would be the most romantic gift for anyone. Plan a dinner date prior to V-day and surprise him. If he likes to watch movies then take him for the movie as well.

Electronic gadgets:

Buy electronic gadgets of his choice to gift him. You can select from phones, tabs, headphones,kindle,camera etc.Make sure to pack the gift in best possible wrapping and fresh flowers. It will give a perfect touch to your valentine day gift.

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