Our trip to Jurong bird park

Today’s post is about our visit to the – beautiful, colourful world of feathers, Jurong bird park Singapore. It’s Asia’s  largest bird park which has birds of many different species found across the world. Its home to 5000 birds and 4000 species. mportant thing about this bird sanctuary is it is so well maintained , that we can’t believe its man made. Jurong Bird Park has waterfalls, coasts, hills and maintained lush greenery for its  wonderful residents. And visitors feel as if they are real forests with so many colours flying around. Jurong bird park is  an amazing place of vibrant , live and colourful birds a world of dreams..

Waterfall It’s not an exaggeration- Jurong Bird Park has waterfall  which is residence to  600 residents (Birds). Waterfall is something interesting to see sight for my kids , as it was their first time to see waterfall. There were many questions by Sia , like when water gets over , what will fall from it ? Why is it so cold here ? Water sound of water fall , chirping of birds and cool breezy air-  It was place with only natural sounds and natural views so pure ,so real ,so enchanting  and peaceful , that anyone would forget  rest of the the world. Jurong Bird Park has – one of the world’s largest walk in aviaries and its home of many birds.We visited waterfall many times in a day as kids wanted to see it again and again.They were fascinated with the place and birds.

Flamingo lake

Here it is a flamingo lake, perfect view for nature lover, bird watchers -full of vibrant colours flamingos running around. Especially dedicated lake  is designed for flamingos and its  their playground ,home there is flamingo pool  also made for  Caribbean flamingos.I couldn’t take my eyes off for a single second from these flamingos. However pictured anyone would take of these beautiful birds ,they can now be captured in these shots. It’s so mesmerising to see only birds around you.

Penguin’s coast 

Jurong Bird Park has many regions designed as per the bird’s original habitant.   Penguin’s coast  is designed  for Antarctic penguins and weather is maintained for them. Visitors  can get a perfect feel of Antarctica on this penguin’s coast. Visitors can feed penguins on this coast . My kids didn’t want to leave penguins coast as it was entertaining to see hustle bustle of penguins on the coast.

Entertainment /shows
Jurong bird park take care of complete entertainment of its visitors. It has entertainment shows at specific intervals for its visitors. When we entered the green and colourful open sky  theatre for watching show, we hardly knew about it. It was surprising to get the warm welcome by beautiful birds. Then we understood the shows crew and cast is none other than the birds. Very Interactive shows are performed by many types of birds. They  talk , walk ,dance ,sing and Act  too. These birds make you clap, laugh and dance with them. We hardly knew about bird’s talent and how well they can be trained.

Jurong Bird Park has many different coloured parrots and eagles , peacocks ,pelicans ,ostriches many types of sparrows , what’s not are there in Bird Park. It’s totally different world birds. Bird Park has separate Pelican clove – it  has  world’s complete collection of pelicans.


Jurong Bird Park situated on 49 acres and it has many  attractions. For commuting in jurong bird park monorail is available. It helps visitors to reach desired place in no time. Attraction points  are located nearby these monorail  stations,so it’s  great convenience for visitors. Travelling in this cute little monorail is fun times for kids.My kids enjoyed riding in this little chu chu train manynumber of times.


Jurong Bird Park -where colour lives is the tagline of this wonderful park which is absolutely true. Anyone who visits this place takes back wonderful , flying and colourful memories from here.

I hardly knew about so many types of birds exist on the earth before visiting it and I can visit this place any number of times. Jurong bird park is perfect place for nature lovers , bird watchers , children and in fact it’s must visit place for everyone .

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  1. I feel like Each and every photo posted here has life … I feel as I really travel throughout the Bird Park …. Your wonderful way of scripting the picture is really awesome … Great … Very nice to read … Keep going ahead !!!

  2. Thank you very much for appreciation sangeetha.. It really mean a lot for me..

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