A wardrobe essential for every woman – Camisole


Myra was busy with binding the important documents to make a file. Once the file got ready she packed the office bag and immediately rushed to catch the next metro train to the office. After boarding in the train she plugged her earphones and started listening to music. Someone tapped her on the shoulders and She looked back with a shock to check. There was a middle-aged lady standing behind her and she explained something with sign language. Myra thanked the lady and decided to get down on the next metro station. She alighted from the train and rushed to women’s washroom. She was irritated as she was already late and now adjusting the clothes would take another 15 long minutes. Generally, she checks everything before leaving the house but today she has forgotten. She changed her top and reached the office quite a  late.  By the time of the coffee break, she was already exhausted  because of the top issue in the morning. Myra told her friend Reena how embarrassing she felt because of the sheer top and this was the last time she wore it. Reena was surprised to know that Myra wanted to throw her favorite tops. She suggested her to buy Camisole– the comfortable and supporting cloth to be worn under the outwear. Reena said it provides a necessary comfort and coverage so that you can wear even plunging necklines easily. The description itself was enough for Myra to buy it. She thought it’s something which I  should have bought long ago, but now she has to wait till evening to order her first camisole. The first thing she did after reaching home, is to check Zivame for ordering camisole online. It got delivered to her house in another few days. Myra tried it and was exhilarated to see the ideal solution to her problem. Now she won’t need to worry about the visibility of inners or lines visible through her tops. She could wear her all favorite tops and dresses without fear. She thanked Reena for her sagacious suggestion. These useful camisoles have many attractive features to have them in your wardrobe.

  1. It is made up of a blend of cotton, lycra, and spandex like materials and very soft to wear it all day long without any qualms.
  2. It has adjustable straps with sliders which give the perfect fit.
  3. It sits beneath a shirt or outwears and takes the shape of your body without sticking to the skin.
  4. It can be paired with just about anything like a blouse, shirt, top, sweater/ jacket or you can wear it as a top with denim. Check Out some of the options for a casual and formal look.
  5. Zivame has a number of flattering designs and colors to choose from. It has cash on delivery and easy return policy as well. If you don’t like the fit or fabric, you can easily return or exchange it.

So what are you waiting for? Isn’t it a must have cloth, to make you look gorgeous on any occasion. Order your choice of camisoles today and flaunt your outwear.


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