Fun ways to teach counting to preschool kids


How did you teach counting to your children? or what’s the right age to start teaching counting? These are commonly asked questions by moms of preschoolers. There might be many different answers to this question. But if you have a preschooler and looking to start teaching counting to him/her then there is no specific technique. While communicating itself you can start teaching them. It’s always good to educate children in a most playful way, as they may find it interesting. Every time you don’t need to take a pen, pencil, and paper to teach counting to your children. Try some fun ways to teach about numbers. You can teach counting to them while doing your household chores as well. While you are busy in working assign a task and let them try their hands on counting and completing the assigned task. Then appreciate them for their efforts and you would see the happiness in their glittering eyes. These ways will let them identify numbers, counting things and basics of Maths in a most playful way.Check out some  Interesting ideas to teach counting to your preschooler.

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If you are in a kitchen:

If mommy is busy cooking in the kitchen hand over some spoons, bowls, plates to the little one. Show and ask your child how to count these things. Or ask to count vegetables like tomatoes, potatoes, onions, green peas. They will enjoy this counting while playing with these things for sure.

If you are cleaning:

Don’t get shocked by reading the heading, you can actually teach counting while cleaning as well. If you are cleaning/ tidying the house, actually you can involve your child in the work and teach counting as well. Ask your child to differentiate and count things like small clothes, bottles, boxes, toys, pillows. Ask questions and encourage to answer them. While tidying the kid’s room take your child’s help and let him/her arrange the same color or type of toys, , balls, dolls.  If you are busy with some work then keep things like hairpin, coins, books, rubber bands and ask your child to count them.

 If you are shopping:

If you are in the supermarket then it’s probably the best place to teach counting to your child. Ask him/her to point and count the things kept on supermarket shelves. Pointing and counting various colorful things is a really fun activity for any children.

If you are traveling:

If you out then point and ask your child to count trees, cars, buses etc. Let them identify the numbers written on the bus, cars and other vehicles. Initially, they will easily identify one digit numbers and slowly move towards two-digit numbers.

Toys & Stickers:

Bring number toys and number stickers for your preschooler. Stick these stickers in their room or house where they can see it easily. It will help them to memorize the numbers easily. While playing with the number of toys they will know numbers and learn it fast. Bring t-shirts printed with the number on it for wearing. Whenever he/she wears it ask about the number printed on it.


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