What to pack in your bag while flying with children

Flying, traveling is fun but when you are flying with children it’s important to take a few precautions. When I flew for the first time with my toddler, it was a horrible experience. I was traveling alone on an international flight for the first time. Though I packed all the necessary things in my bag, I missed keeping few things in cabin baggage. To be honest I wasn’t prepared fully for the flight journey. Many of the things which I was having for my baby went in check-in baggage. And it was a tough time for me and baby in flight. I could have kept my baby much more comfortable with a few more precautions. This is when I decided to pen down about tips for flying with children. It’s always better to carry all the necessary things with you. Make a list of few required things prior to flying and pre-preparations will make your journey comfortable and memorable too.

Here are a few important tips for flying with children :

 #1. For that hunger pangs:

Kids know when to be hungry and their hunger pangs will strike when you are doing a check-in to a flight, boarding in to train, check out from the flight. Or in short when the parents are in a hurry or busy. Flights serve food and meals but it is always good if you carry snacks with you. Make sure to keep a few snacks in your cabin luggage so that it can be used anytime. Stack your handbags with dry snacks like chips, cookies, biscuits, mixture, dry fruits or in general anything which your child eats. Dry snacks have a very good shelf life and kids can eat it directly from the packet or box. As liquids are not allowed in cabin baggage water or any other liquids can’t be taken inside flight. But don’t worry as airlines serve water inside flight.

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 #2. How to keep kids engaged

Making children seat at one place for a long time is the most difficult thing to do. Especially in flights, they have very little chances to walk, run or play. As children get bored easily and they need activity. Carry a few things like comics, books, puzzles, games, colors, handy toys which can keep your child busy in the journey. Many kids are scared to travel on flights and these activities will help to distract them.

# 3. What to take in clothes:

It’s always good to carry a child ’s clothes in your cabin baggage. As it can be used in case of emergency. Keep extra cloth sets of a child to change if needed. Also take child ’s jacket/pullover, small blanket, hand towels, and wet wipes. Keep empty polythene bags which can be used to keep clothes, garbage. Plastic bags are useful in case your  child has travel nausea, travel sickness be prepared for it. Having kids separate small bag  will be helpful to find things faster. Keep all these things in that bag and even child can get it as and when required.

#4. If kids fall sick:

Anyone can fall sick while traveling and it’s better to have necessary medicines with you in cabin baggage. Take necessary medicines of kids like medicines for fever, cold, cough, vomiting etc. Make sure to have a prescription of doctor if in case of any emergency. Keep thermometer  for measuring fever in your hand bag. Note : If you need syrups /medicines for your child make sure to declare it while check in. As liquids are not allowed in cabin baggage.



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