What to eat during pregnancy for fair baby


Diet during pregnancy is very important as the baby inside the womb needs all nutrients for complete development. What mother eats will directly affect the foetus inside. But how your baby looks and her complexion is totally dependent on the genetic part of heritance and not at all related with anything else. Though it’s scientifically proved there are many myths followed by women in India for fairer baby. Like food, there is a myth about the place of living as well. It’s been said place and weather where the mother stays also have an effect on baby’s complexion. We were talking about the foods which are used for getting fair baby in pregnancy. Here we go- Foods which are coloured white are said to be useful to improve the baby’s skin colour. Though these foods are rich in different nutrition, there is not any link in the fair colour of baby with it. And it’s the genes of father and mother which decide the colour of baby.

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I followed a healthy diet in pregnancy along with eating these white foods because it was suggested by my grandmother and mother. These foods are used by many generations and I also included it in my pregnancy diet. My both kids are fairer than me and my husband but I don’t know what exactly reason is ? the food ? or genes? I’m not sure. But these foods helped me and baby to get more nutrition definitely. It’s always better to ask your doctor before including anything in the diet as depending on the mother’s health condition doctors plan diet.

Let’s see foods which are said to be helpful during pregnancy for improving skin colour of baby.

 #1. Coconut

Along with nutritious benefits of coconut water it provides good minerals. Drinking coconut water regularly during pregnancy is recommended. Include coconut in any form like malai of coconut or fresh shredded coconut. Even you can use dry coconut by sprinkling it on your curries and lentils.

#2. Milk

Milk is full of calcium, protein and vitamin A. Milk is said to be one of the top foods which improve the colour of the baby inside. Make a habit of drinking 2 cups milk every day in pregnancy to meet necessary calcium, protein demand.

#3. Homemade butter

Homemade butter is used as one of the foods for fair baby. It has fats along with calcium. Apply a spoonful of homemade butter to your bread or chapati and have it.

#4. Saffron

Saffron is known for its qualities and it’s used for making beauty products as well. Taking saffron while pregnant helps to improve baby’s skin colour. Add 2 saffron strands in a cup of milk and drink this milk every day after breakfast.

#5. Almonds

Almonds are the rich source of iron and healthy fats. Including the handful of soaked almonds in everyday breakfast is a good option for pregnant ladies. It will help to get the necessary iron, calcium. Snack on almonds and dry fruits like cashews walnuts.

#6. Rice

Rice is another white food used in pregnancy for improving a baby’s skin colour. Rice is full of carbs. Generally, rice is used for making porridge by cooking with milk, ghee. Rice kheer/porridge is given to pregnant lady as a wholesome breakfast or snacks.






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