What to look for while buying pram and stroller


When I bought a pram for my first born child  I didn’t know that buying pram is a big task and needs some study. Prams or strollers have many different parameters of its own and there are many different types in it.  When I  went for buying it to market I simply selected one and afterwards realised it’s not suitable for my newborn baby as it didn’t have comfortable cushion and hood for protection. I didn’t study the parameters available in pram and stroller. There are certain parameters to check while buying pram as its investment of money one time and we can’t buy it again and again. For my kid’s comfort, I had to buy a new pram for her with all the newborn baby requirements. These baby gears are costly and buying it often gives a big hole to your wallet.

When my daughter was 3 years old she needs new pram as it wasn’t comfortable for seating. And also it was very heavy for me to carry when she does n’t seat in it.  Then I got introduced to strollers a comfortable, lightweight and easy to fold types of prams.  I’m writing this post about prams and strollers to share different parameters of these baby gears and how to select the perfect one for your child. Basically, pram and stroller are carriages used to carry your baby/toddler/children and depending on the parameters like position, weight, hood, style it has named differently. Lets, first of all, see what’s the difference in pram and stroller.


The pram is generally used for infants, young babies as it has a flat, soft and firm bottom which is comfortable for sleeping, lying down. It comes with a wide hood or canopy to cover and protect the baby from sun, rain. While sleeping in pram your baby may get their home like close and warm feeling. Prams are heavy in weight and large wheels of it give a steady ride. It makes it ideal for young babies as while brisk walking prams gives a steady ride to the child. If your child is a newborn baby then prams can’t have other option as baby needs very comfortable and steady ride. On the contrary, strollers are lightweight and designed generally as a chair for seating.it has all safety measures like safety belt, straps and harness for child’s safety.  Strollers also come with a hood and are easy for transport, lightweight, collapsible with easy to fold. And strollers ride low to the ground. Strollers are a good option for children enjoys seating in her baby gear then strollers are a good option. While buying pram and strollers for your child consider few factors and avoid the inconvenience of buying it again because of unsuitable parameters.

# 1.Age of a child:

As already stated prams are ideal for young babies and strollers for older children but now hybrid versions are also available in the market which can be used alternatively. If you’re planning to have more than one baby you will need a robust model that will last well. Would you rather buy an inexpensive buggy and replace it when your family grows.

#2. Portability:

How frequent you use the baby gear and lightweight. Lightweight gears are useful if you travel frequently and use to carry it. Check the dicky space of your car.If you frequently use and need to use cars then collapsible and lightweight models are useful. umbrella folding and flat folding. Umbrella folding” strollers are so called because they fold up into a long thin shape like an umbrella. Umbrella folding strollers are  good option for older kids. Easy to collapse and re-assemble: usually can be done one-handed.

#3. Budget:

For twins or kids having less age gap special prams are available which are sued to carry both kids comfortably. Go for these baby gears instead of buying two different and their respective accessories. If you are planning more than one baby then one pram and one stroller can be used for second or younger child. Make sure to buy robust models of pram /stroller so that it can be re used for other child. Also after using for one child clean and pack it if not in use to protect from dust. Other baby gears can also be re used similar way.

More expensive models come with many additional  accessories. But check  whether you need these extra accessories really. As may things are unnccesary and thus its wastage of money.

Following things can be purchased as a extra or comes along with the pram /stroller as per your requirement.

  • Folding canopy that has a top-viewing window.
  • A multi-position seat to make your baby comfortable whether she’s asleep or sitting.
  • Padded safety harness .
  • Wheel locking systems.
  • Reversible push bar that can be turned so that your baby lies facing you.
  • Under seat shopping basket.
  • Adjustable handle height.
  • Foot rest.
  • Bottle holder.
  • Hand rest with food box.

Note :

Do ask  for a full demonstration before you buy your stroller. Some pram /strollers can be tricky to assemble and collapse before you get used to them.










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