WhatsApp group of mommy – How it’s useful


“2 Assignments, homework of 3 different subjects and 1 project, Is this is what we missed during last week?” Rita asked her 9-year-old son Raman, who is studying in 4 th standard. She was not well and couldn’t check the Raman’s notebook or emails.The cyclic exams were just 2 weeks apart and missed assignments doubled the load for mother-son duo. She called a fellow mommy who lives in the neighbourhood and her son is a classmate of Raman. But couldn’t get more leads as her son was absent in the same week.Then she called the class teacher, but couldn’t talk as she was teaching students.Rita helplessly asked Raman to recall the things happened in the school. Generally, the teacher writes details about homework, assignments, projects on the board and student copy it in the notebook.But Raman didn’t copy down things and thus he missed everything.The class teacher wants children to be independent and learn to note down their homework.That’s is actually quite a correct way and all parents knew about it.

She yelled at him,” when will you understand the importance of noting down things on the board? Now if you don’t complete everything you’ll lose marks.And how shall we manage the cyclic studies and these many assignments in just 2 weeks?”

In spite of repetitive reminding, the boy hasn’t noted down anything and it made her angrier. Rita dropped an email to the class teacher and waited desperately to get the details from her. But she had to wait sometime to get a reply. Raman was sobbing in the corner and Rita cursed herself and illness.

The day passed and she didn’t get the replay to her email as the class teacher’s laptop got crashed. In the evening she went to the market to buy vegetables and happened to meet an old friend Rasha. She told Rasha about the afternoon’s incidence and her concern to know the details about the school assignments. Rasha ‘s son studies in 6 th standard and she has the details about her son’s studies. Rita asked her about it and wanted to know more about it. Rasha suggested a solution, ” A  Whatsapp group of mommies who’s children are studying in the same class. ”

Rita was puzzled to know about the WhatsApp group.

Rasha explained her more, “we all know the young children are forgetful and they may forget about studies and instruction from teachers. As they are quite busy playing and talking with their friends. So what we did is we formed a group of all mommies on WhatsApp.And every day we ask our respective child about their day in a school. They tell us a few things about the teacher’s instructions, homework details, assignments. We immediately send these details in the group to help other mommies. Everyone contributes by sending their details. This is how we all know about the activities in school. And, we don’t need to call anyone or check emails daily. Just form a WhatsApp group and discuss everything, help others and be worry-free. ”

Rita was surprised to know about the usefulness of a group. She thought in this way she doesn’t need to call anyone or visit the school often. It was easy to communicate with other mommies as well. She can discuss the difficult topics, dress code themes and sports activities with other mommies. So, in short, she has got the solution to her all problems- The WhatsApp group.

Rita immediately picked up her phone to form a group of class 4’A’ mommies.

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