Why do we want to get children to make decision

Today is another guest post day and it is contributed by  Mr. Neow  ker  Eong . It’s based on decision making for children. Its must read for all parents as Neow has discussed impressive ways about decision making in the following post. Neow Ker Eong is the executive for Brain Bytes, a company that focuses on hands-on project-based learning to create an engaging learning experience for students to spark their interest in S.T.E.A.M. subjects. He has been in the education sector for at least 2 years and specializes in S.T.E.A.M, project-based and engineering learning. You can contact him at neow@brainbytes.org.  Lets see what’s there for us in the interesting article ahead. Over to neow’s article.

Decision making is a lifelong skill. Today, your children might need to be choosing between red socks or blue socks. But as they grow up, they have to face a more difficult choice. What type of friends to choose, should he stand by the roadside when he sees someone being bullied or should she wear a short skirt or a long pair of jeans when going out.

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Teaching them to make a good decision

You know, some people grow up realizing there were many stupid decisions they had done when they were younger (including me). For some of the actions, they don’t even have a strong reason for it. Some people say because it was fun at the moment, they did not know better and well, just to get back to their parents (basically what I did). But why did we had to go through moments of embarrassment remembering all the stupid decisions in life? It is mainly because we were given not many chances to decide for ourselves.

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Tolerating trade-offs

There were moments when you were in a toy store and your son decided to buy a Bumblebee only to get home being upset for not picking Optimus Prime. Take this situation as an opportunity to teach your children to settle with tradeoffs. Find out what was good about their choice. If parents let their children ‘run the show’ by giving them leeway in changing decisions, then not much learning can be done. Sometimes, children take longer to accept their wrong decisions. Lift their spirit up by using various ways to make their choice of the toy, not the worst decision ever.

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Develop critical thinking skills

It has been grueling to develop children’s critical thinking skills because we have taken most of the opportunities for children when we decide for them. When all of us are deciding, we are evaluating both the good and bad sides of each option we have. 

A chance to listen to your children’s voice

It is common that children would never understand the reasons parents make certain decisions for them. It is time for parents to pause for a moment and listen to the other side of the story. Parents can understand their children better by listening to them. Parents can slowly explain to them to stop all the frustration coming from children. After all the discussion, let children think and decide for themselves. The explanation “It is for your own good” is not good enough for them.

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Children should grow up knowing that they are true to themselves. They should recognize their advantages and limitations. Children should be given the right to make even the smallest decision to discover their true self- their likes and dislikes.

Teaching responsibility

One key reminder about letting your children becoming the decision maker- let them face the repercussions. It is important for children to know that not all decisions generate positive outcomes. Sometimes, they made the wrong decision and they can learn from them. With this experience, they are bound to make better decisions in the future.

Developing curiosity

There are many ways to develop curiosity. Teaching children to make decisions is one of them. Making decisions compel children to connect to the real world and how it impacts their lives. Curiosity is developed when they have to explore their choices, sometimes touching, controlling, manipulating and creating them.

Excite children in learning new things

We have heard this adage more often than not- Children want to grow up quickly to be adults whereas adults want to return to being children. If that’s the case with your children, give them the taste of being an adult by giving them the chance to decide on their own. For example, let them decide what kind of toy they want to play on that day or which fairy tale are you role-playing for that day. It’s one of a way children can be interested in learning.

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When your children are growing up, and you are starting to age, you will realize that getting your children to practice making decisions since they were little can really get a lot of things out of your hair- such as packing their own bags for camping trips, what food are they going to bring to their friend’s potluck party and what colour to paint their room. It might seem scary to see your children making mistakes in front of you, but believe me, it only gets better.

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